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slide deck: Devcon4-ArchitectingWithEthereum.pdf

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Ansible Roles

Terraform Modules

(coming soon--unable to break these out before DevCon4)

  • digitalocean-parity-light
  • digitalocean-parity-full
  • digitalocean-haproxy

DevCon4 Workshop QuickStart

DigitalOcean Setup

  1. Create DigitalOcean account -
  2. Add SSH public key
  3. Create personal access token (API key)

Management Host Provisioning

Create a DigitalOcean droplet with the following options:
  • Image: Ubuntu 18.04 x64
  • Size: 2GB/2vCPU standard droplet
  • Datacenter region: your choice
  • Additional options:
    • private networking
    • monitoring
    • user data (copy and paste the following):
        package_upgrade: true
        packages: [ "python", "python-pip", "git", "zip", "jq" ]
          - [curl, -o, /tmp/, ""]
          - [unzip, -d, /usr/local/bin/, /tmp/]
          - [curl, -L, -o, /tmp/, ""]
          - [unzip, -d, /usr/local/bin/, /tmp/]
          - [pip, install, -U, pip, ansible]
          - [git, clone, "", "/root/devcon4-workshop"]
  • SSH keys: select yours
  • Hostname: devcon4-mgmt
  • Click Create

Management Host Setup

  1. Copy IP address of devcon4-mgmt from DigitalOcean control panel
  2. SSH into management host:
    ssh root@<IP_ADDRESS>
  3. Monitor cloud-init progress (ctrl+c to exit):
      tail -f /var/log/cloud-init-output.log
      # wait ~5 minutes, until log stops with "Cloud-init ... finished at ..."
  4. Enable Terraform tab-completion:
    terraform -install-autocomplete
    (must re-login or start new shell)
  5. Enter workshop directory:
    cd devcon4-workshop
  6. Run initialization script:

Workshop Exercises

  1. Continue to the exercises!